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Baby Boomers Moving?

Are you a baby boomer who’s thinking of moving?

Baby Boomers are Moving

According to recent studies, many baby boomers, approximately 4.2 million of us, moved into a new home last year. And most of them think they’ll probably move again. The question is, will you be joining the trend?

In fact, there are many reasons for retirees to move. Maybe we want to move someplace warmer (13%). Or, the big old house needs too much maintenance. Possibly, the old house is just too d— big. Here’s my favorite, If we get a smaller house, the kids can’t come back”.

What’s the Biggest Reason?

But the most popular reason, at 29%, is we want to be nearer to family as we age. Or maybe we want to be closer to help with the grandchildren. Possibly to make it easier for family to help us with chores we can’t do by ourselves.

However, 26% of us want to reduce our housing expenses.

Another reason is that some people own a second home. And they’ve decided they want to move there permanently.

But not everyone wants to downsize their home.

People think baby boomers want to move into a smaller home. They want an easier and smaller home to maintain, since they no longer have a house full of children. And while this is true for many, about 30% of us baby boomers want a larger home. Maybe they want other family members to be able to move in. Yet others buy in a vacation area because they want to provide a destination for the family to visit. As an example, recently we sold a home in an active adult community. The buyers“downsized” from 2400 square feet to over 3300 square feet.

As your needs change, or if you just need a change, give us a call. We’ve helped hundreds of baby boomers just like you. And because we’re baby boomers also, we have a good idea of what you’re going through.


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