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Energy Bill Hack

Would you like some help to hack your energy bill? No – I don’t mean that you should hack into JCP&Ls computers, just try some simple things to reduce those costs. Summer heats causes high electric bills. You’ll get some relief when the weather cools but then the heating bills rise. Here are a few ideas that can help conserve on both of these expenses.


One of the biggest improvements you can do is to add insulation. Many older homes have the same insulation that was installed when the home was built. My home was built in 1968. At that time the cost of heating and cooling was very low and nobody really seemed to care about insulation. The initial 4″ of insulation compressed over time and was down to about 2 1/2″. You could feel drafts coming from the electric switches and receptacles. We added an additional 6″ of attic insulation. What I should’ve done was blow in 12″. Many stores will let you borrow the equipment to blow in the insulation if you purchase the insulation from them. You can put gaskets around the switches and receptacles.

If you have 10″ or less of insulation, you should add more.

Home Automation

Another hack for your energy bill is to add automation. That’s because smart home automation can make a significant contribution to your energy savings. By installing a programmable or smart thermostat you can save a lot. Or maybe a dishwasher that only runs during off peak hours.

Cheap and Easy

Some of the best hacks are the cheapest and easiest. Simply closing the blinds or curtains on the windows can lower your ambient temperature by as much as 20 degrees. And if the budget allows, replace those worn out, inefficient windows.


Landscaping the property can also help. By planting leafy trees along the sough side of the home, you can block the sun’s heat from getting close to the home. And in the winter, when the leaves are gone, the warmth of the sum can get through.

Light Bulbs

And here’s the easiest one of all. If you have old fashioned incandescent bulbs in your lamps, replacing them with LED bulbs give a very quick payback.

Bottom Line

All of these ideas can help you hack your energy bill and save money by doing so. The more you do, the bigger the savings.

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